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 Deborah Ballard aka Debbie Lawrence is a transgender woman with nearly 40 years of IT experience, nearly 40 years of transformational programs including 12 step programs, leadership training programs, open source support groups, transgender support groups and websites.  Debbie has written 6 books on transgender issues, so far.

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Here is a list of links to my books, including free previews for web browsers.


Solitary - A Transgender Love Story

Solitary - A Transgender Love Story

This is an insightful and incendiary romance that is timely and addresses many issues of today. Well researched, this story discusses many different aspects of the transgender experience. Gender Dysphoria, PTSD, violence, transgender rights, and freedom of religion.

Ted is still suffering from PTSD from traumatic events earlier, attending a women's college as one of a few boys needed for the music/theater program. He's spending his sophomore year living on campus. After years of living a mostly solitary lifestyle, Ted is finally ready to try and face the world again.

Then he meets Daisy, an outspoken young lady who literally sweeps him off his feet. When Daisy discovers Tina, she helps him get the courage to talk about it with others who can help him. Tina begins to come out, and soon finds true love, and is finally released from his isolation.

Later, Tina is almost murdered, and the trial of the attackers shifts from proof of the attack to an argument that the attack was justified by religious beliefs. The trial begins to call in religious leaders, but the prosecution has a few surprises. Tina has a few surprises as well.

Warning: This book addresses the intimate aspects of the subject and contains many explicit sexual scenes including lesbian, and homosexual sex, as well as bondage, and pegging. There are also descriptions of violence, and torture, which are referenced throughout the book. This book is NOT for children, but can be helpful to transsexual women and those who love them, including friends and family.


 Living In Stealth - Abridged

 Living in Stealth Abridged - GOP Edition

This an abridged version of the Living in Stealth series - sections have been removed sexually explicit detail have been removed, duplicate or redundant sections have been removed or reduced from a few pages to a paragraph or two. This version is an attempt to address the entire transgender experience, from early childhood through adult transition. This book is written for the families, friends, and others who are struggling with what it means to be transgender. It is especially oriented toward those who have concerns about transgender people.

For those who want the more steamy versions, each book in the series has additional details.


Living in Stealth : Undercover (cover)


Living in Stealth 1 : Undercover

A look into the early lives of transgender girls, when they are still attempting to live as boys.  This book combines many of my own experiences with the experiences of other transgender girls, as well as gays.  This book is really directed to parents and teachers of transgender children, helping them to see the signs and the thinking that transgender children experience when exposed to hate and opposition.  Warning, this book does describe violence and suicide, and may not be suitable for younger children.


Living in Stealth : Iron Mask Cover


Living in Stealth 2 : Iron Mask

This book discusses the experiences of a transgender woman who is living the double life.  A few people know that she is transgender, but once rejected by those closest to her, she must wear the Iron Mask, rigidly doing everything necessary to "pass" as a male.  This book is directed to the wives of cross-dressers, and transgender women, especially those who reveal their secret to their wives later in the marriage.


Breaking Cover book cover


Living in Stealth 3 : Breaking Cover

Rex feels the pull to be Debbie stronger than ever. She has shared her secret with a few people, but now she must break cover, revealing her true self. Forces conspire to prevent this, including her own success. Ultimately Debbie can finally live authentically.

This book contains sexually explicit passages as well as details of the process of transitioning as a transgender woman.
Not recommended for younger readers.



Debbie's Secret Life

This book is a full autobiography going from earliest awareness all the way through to transition.  It is more autobiographical, with too much first person, and doesn't have the details included in the other books.  Still, it's a good introduction into each phase of life as a transgender girl through transition as a transgender woman as an adult.