Welcome to Debbie Ballard's Transgender Information Site.

 Deborah Ballard aka Debbie Lawrence is a transgender woman with nearly 40 years of IT experience, nearly 40 years of transformational programs including 12 step programs, leadership training programs, open source support groups, transgender support groups and websites.  Debbie has written 6 books on transgender issues, so far.

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Living in Stealth 3 : Breaking Cover

Rex feels the pull to be Debbie stronger than ever.  She has found someone who can support her, and help her be free, but at the same time she must confront past trauma, bullying, and fears. She has shared her secret with a few people, but now she must break cover, revealing her true self.

Forces conspire to prevent this, including her own success.  Debbie must choose between the possibility of suicide or death by obesity or risk losing her job, family, home, and everything she knows, to be able to be free, authentic, and find love.

In the multi-year struggle, Debbie's personality begins to come forward, and she begins to produce extraordinary results, even though she is still wearing men's suits.

Ultimately Debbie can finally live authentically.

This book contains sexually explicit passages as well as details of the process of transitioning as a transgender woman.
Not recommended for younger readers.