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Response to 

Republican candidate films herself lashing out at transgender woman in bathroom


Republican candidate films herself lashing out at transgender woman in bathroom

From the article:

Republican candidate has filmed herself confronting and lashing out at a transgender woman using the woman’s toilet at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Jazmina Saavedra, who is currently running for Congress in California, misgendered the trans woman and branded her a “stupid guy” in the Denny’s diner. 

Ms Saavedra, who is campaigning for a seat in California’s 44th district, documented the incident in a Facebook Live on Tuesday.

“I’m trying to use the ladies’ room and there is a man here claiming that he is a lady,” Ms Saavedra said as she entered the bathroom.


My Response:

I was forced to use the men's room by a manager at Denny's when I was transitioning in 1991. I was blending in with the other women, nobody knew that I was anything other than a woman, except the women I was dining with. When I went to the bathroom, three boys followed me in, and confirmed the high heels while I was seated in the stall. I waited for them to leave, they waited outside the bathroom to see what I looked like and where I was sitting and what else I was wearing.



When we were finished eating, I walked out with the women, and got into my car. By the time I got it started, there were a dozen guys. several were pounding on the car windows, demanding that I open the door, and others were sitting on the hood and trunk, meanwhile, there were two other guys coming toward my car with tire irons to smash the windows.

I drove out of the parking lot with 8 of them on my car, and lost the four on my trunk with the first turn. I finally slammed on the brakes to get rid of the four on the hood, and revved my engine get them to move out of my way and drove off.



Two weeks later, another transgender woman was murdered a block away from the same Denny's.

Transgender women want to live as women 24/7 for the rest of their lives. The hormones they take make it impossible for them to have erections and give them real breasts that would have to be removed surgically to revert back.


Before transitioning, most transgender women were brutalized in bathrooms, locker rooms, and playgrounds by boys who beat them up for being too feminine, calling them "sissies", "queers", "fairies", or worse. Often these assaults include aggravated assault so severe they have to be hospitalized, sexual assaults ranging from being groped in the shower to being gang-raped. All of this BEFORE they are 18 years old.


Puberty Damage

Puberty causes severe damage that takes more to correct the longer it persists. Many transgender women get rid of facial hair using laser, electrolysis, and waxing. They have to take hormones that block their ability to get erections and give them breasts, and their voices drop requiring vocal training or surgical correction, all of which must be done at personal expense BEFORE becoming eligible for Gender Correction Surgery.


MOST of those who unable to afford what is necessary to transition to that stage - commit suicide. The suicide rate for those forced to accept their birth ASSIGNED gender is 80%, at one time, the suicide rate for those who were given "conversion therapy" was 95%. Most of those treated had to be lobotomized to keep them from killing themselves.


I have two cousins who killed themselves. Both before they were 15.


Please repost this ANYWHERE you see this harassment video or references to it.